Who is EM Orka?

EM Orka was established in 2018 to develop, construct and operate wind energy in Iceland.  We are presently developing the Garpsdalur wind farm in Reykhólahreppur, Iceland.


Why Wind Energy

Wind energy is the most ecologically non-invasive large scale, low-carbon electricity source available today. Due to rapidly falling technology costs, it is also now the cheapest.

Wind energy offers Iceland a chance to diversify the nation's electricity mix, reducing reliance on the increasingly expensive and environmentally intrusive hydro and geothermal power.  

Crucially, wind energy is the most reversible solution available. A decommissioning fund is established at the beginning of each project and maintained throughout its lifetime to ensure that once operation ceases, the wind turbines can be safely removed, leaving the site and landscape virtually unchanged. 





Sudurvangur 19a,

Hafnarfjordur Iceland



Ríkarður Örn Ragnarsson

Diarmuid Twomey

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